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What makes HV$ stand out is our 100% complete focus on the helicopter industry for the past forty years. HV$ has more than a long history of helicopter valuations, we pioneered the technical process of helicopter valuations. The process developed by Founder Barry D. Desfor in 1979 is still used today and serves as a blueprint and standard in the appraisal profession and helicopter industry.


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Documents such as current component status reports and weight and balance reports specific to your helicopter are analyzed by our team of analysts and ASA accredited appraisers to provide a comprehensive report that is USPAP compliant and includes a complete description of our methodology, market conditions, and calculation worksheet that show how we arrived at the values provided. Appraisal Services include: Desktop Appraisals, Onsite Asset Verification, Part Inventory Valuations and Betterment/Detriment Studies.

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The Official Helicopter Blue Book®

Online access to The Official Helicopter Blue Book® includes The Official Helicopter Specifications Book®, current resale pricing, current and historical manufacturer pricing, Perspectives: A Resale History®, average resale trends, and component overhaul and retirement cycles for over 200 civilian helicopter models. The Official Helicopter Blue Book® has been continuously published since 1979. During this time, HV$ has developed relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), overhaul facilities, brokers, finance and lease firms, and many operators that aid in our data collection. These relationships, in combination with the 2,500 appraisal HV$ performs annually allows HV$ to provide accurate current and historical resale data for more than 200 civilian helicopter models.


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The HeliCalc® tool is helpful when considering a purchase, pre-lease commitments, internal evaluations, and for our customers who perform their own appraisals and require a more in-depth approach than a Blue Book page.  The calculator is built on HeliValue$ Blue Book database and calculations are made based on our proprietary algorithms developed and used in our own appraisal programs for four decades and for over 2,500 helicopter appraisals performed each year.


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