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Desktop Appraisal

Desktop appraisals determine the value for a specific helicopter(s) based on current component times, and/or 0% and 50% component use.

Onsite Asset Verification Physical

HeliValue$' onsite representative physically or virtually verifies and documents the condition of the helicopter, logbooks, and permanent records. May be combined with Desktop Appraisal Services.


Residual Worksheets provide a forecasted depreciation schedule based on the aircraft's specific details and return conditions.

Inventory Appraisal

Inventory appraisals are valuations of helicopter parts inventories.  May be combined with onsite asset verification services. Minimum of 300-line items required.

Betterment/Detriment Studies

Used at lease termination, this study compares the beginning vs. ending, or contract vs. actual, component status of a leased helicopter, providing the
value delta between the two states.